Natalies Newsletter November 2004
  Dear Friends

We all had a horrible shock last week with Roger being taken into hospital the day before the tour started. He is a very lucky man. He listened to the warning signs of chest pain, but honestly thought it was indigestion!

He spent three days in Kilkenny hospital being monitored and tested, then he was transferred up to Blackrock Clinic where they did an angiogram and discovered three blockages. They did the angioplasty immediately, and now say he will feel better and more energetic than he has done for the last five years!!!!! He is home and already moaning that he is bored and that his diet is bland! But he is listening to his specialist and has postponed all concerts and TVs until after the end of January, so all the concerts he couldn’t make in Ireland are already being rescheduled for the 20th January onwards.

He was dreadfully upset to cancel the dates, and also for the new Band who had worked so hard on learning all the music, but they will be back with him in 2005.

He wants to tell the world that the treatment he received and the hospitals were absolutely wonderful and that he never felt worried for one minute about the outcome. I’m a wreck! But he is in really good form, playing backgammon – and winning, but taking it really easy for the next few weeks. He is discovering all sorts of new TV shows and keeps asking me why I cant cook different menus he sees on the cookery programmes ! I have my work cut out, as you can imagine!

We are still hoping that our trip to Thailand for Christmas will still come off, but wont know till he is seen by the specialist at the end of December.

As you can imagine I have not had any time to continue with the 40th Wedding saga, or update you on any other information, but hope to do so soon when the new dates are rescheduled.

In the meantime many many thanks for all the good wishes and don’t worry! He is fine.

All my love


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